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Woven and Embroidered Badges

Woven and Embroidered Badges

  • Woven or Embroidered Patches
  • Custom produced to any size or shape
  • Complex detailed design possible
  • Colours Available: Wide choice of stock threads available
  • Printable Area: Edge to Edge coverage
  • Dimensions: Standard within 60mm x 60mm but any size


Cub Scouts around the world collect these for their achievements and good deeds but these custom produced patches are gaining popularity in other areas of promotions.

The two main types are available, Woven and Embroidered. Woven badges are perfect for fine and complex designs and Embroidered badges gives a more premium textured effect.

Add an interlocked merrow border for the finished look.

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Badge Fittings

The three most popular fittings are shown here although there are many others that we can produce including cufflink,tie clip and semi or permanent adhesive. All badges are custom made so the choice is yours.

Badge Fittings

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